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New Year's Eve

5 Tips for a Successful New Year’s Eve Party

The year is rapidly coming to a close and 2020 is almost here. Not everyone can make to New York City with the other million or so people to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Many folks in Rock Hill might not make it out at all, preferring to stay inside to ring in the new year. If you’ve been tapped to host the New Year’s Eve party for your circle of friends, follow these five tips for the most successful New Year’s bash.

Know Your Crowd

Not every group of people is going to want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the same way. Some might want a bright, loud, frenetic pace all night leading up to the big moment. Others might prefer a calmer, more intimate affair with soft lights and mellow music. While a bunch of teenagers might be bouncing off the walls until well after midnight, an older crowd might prefer to lounge comfortably and disperse not long after the bell tolls the new year. What’s important is that you know the expectations before you do any other planning. Meet the crowd’s expectations and your party is already a success.

To Theme or Not to Theme

Once you know what everyone is expecting going into the night’s festivities, you must decide on a theme. Will you go minimalist, opting for basic New Year’s emblazoned items? Or will you aim higher, like a Great Gatsby theme where everyone comes decked out in 1920s attire? How about a mid-winter luau? Who says costume parties are only for Halloween? Anything goes as far ad themes are concerned. Choose a theme early, then collect the materials to make it all come together on the big night.

Playing the Waiting Game

Let’s face it: no matter what your crowd looks like or what party theme you’ve chosen, New Year’s Eve is ultimately a night of waiting around for the clock to click over to midnight. There’s no getting past the waiting. Be sure to plan activities to keep your guests occupied. Getting the crowd engrossed in a game can make the hours seem like minutes. Just be sure to keep a close eye on the clock. You don’t want to get so wrapped up in a game that 2020 sneaks past you and everyone is forced to toast the new year at 12 minutes after.

Food and Drink, Plus More Food and Drink

Plan to have a lot more food and drink than you think you’ll need. All that waiting will require ample snacks and other refreshments. Of course you’ll be well-stocked with the usual Coca-Cola products. When choosing food items, opt for lighter fare. A belly filled with heavy foods might make the party-goers too drowsy; no one wants to sleep through the count-down!

Keep an Eye on the Clock

While most gatherings tend to tune in to some form of ball drop, don’t feel obligated to be a part of the festivities half-way across the country. What’s important is that when the final few seconds of 2019 are ticking away someone has an eye on the clock and can count everyone down to the beginning of 2020.

Happy New Year

All of here at the Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company wish you and yours a happy and safe new year!