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6 Tips for a Successful Halloween Night

Halloween night is just around the corner, and the little ghosts and ghoulies will soon be making the rounds in Rock Hill. Masks will be donned, costumes assembled, and big bags gathered to haul all the candy loot. Not everyone can make the neighborhood trek from door to door trick-or-treating; someone needs to stay at home to give out the treats. If you’re staying at home this Halloween, follow these Six Tips for a Successful Halloween Night.

Stock Up on Candy

It’s hard to know just how many kids will come by, so you’re better off having too much candy. You don’t want to be the first house in Rock Hill to run out. Pick up more than you think you’ll need. You can get really generous late in the evening, or you can always eat what’s left yourself.

Let Them Know You’re There

No one will come to your door if they don’t know you’re playing along this year. Be sure to leave your porch light on. Lighting up the jack-o-lanterns also signals that the candy can be had there. Displaying your Coke bottle luminaries is also a sure sign that you’re handing out the goodies. Many neighborhoods hang paper pumpkins on the door or find some other way to let the kids know which houses are open on Halloween night. Check with your neighbors to see what they’re doing, and then coordinate efforts.

Be Ready Early and Stay Open Late

Get yourself Halloween-ready well before dark. The kids will start ringing doorbells in the late afternoon. You don’t want to be caught off guard and scrambling to remember where you put the candy. Plan to give out candy until well after dark. Some families can’t start their Halloween night until later, and you don’t want to leave anyone out. Be sure to turn off the lights and other illuminations when you’re no longer taking trick-or-treaters.

Let the Older Kids Help

Older kids may claim to be too grown up for Halloween, but they probably still want in on the fun. Instead of letting them trick-or-treat, transition them into the more adult role of handing out the candy. They will still get to participate, but won’t feel like a little kid.

Make a Night of It

As long as you’re going to be busy with trick-or-treaters for the evening, you might as well enjoy yourself. Invite some other folks over. Make some of these spooky-fun Halloween treats. The more you make, the less likely you are to eat all of the candy!

Keep the Coca-Cola Flowing

Coke and fun go hand in hand. Your Halloween night is sure to be a spooky blast as long as you have a cooler filled with Coke, Sprite, Barq’s and all your other favorite Coca-Cola products.