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5 Tips for Your Back-to-School Bash

The summer heat and humidity are still beating down on Rock Hill, but now is the time to think ahead to school days. The bells will ring before you know it, and all the kids will be back in class. For the best Back-to-School Bash, follow these five tips.

The More the Merrier

You can’t have too many kids for the back-to-school bash. Find a location like a park (Cherry Park would be a great place) that can accommodate everyone in the class. Be sure to include everyone possible so that the kids are starting the new school year with fast friends and solid relationships. If the whole class isn’t an option, invite as many as you can or try to split the job with some other families.

Who Is Who?

Let everyone create a fun name tag to wear for the day, especially if some of the kids are new to the class. Supervising parents will also have an easier time keeping an eye on the kids if they know who is who.

Divide the Time

The temptation is to allow completely unstructured time for the back-to-school bash. But too much unstructured time will often lead to bored restlessness. Soon enough, trouble will be afoot. Try to divide the time into 15-20 minute increments with something new to do available regularly. Just a few activities that last a few minutes each will keep everyone occupied and out of trouble. 

Something for Everyone

Make sure to include activities for everyone. Some kids will gravitate towards the sports or the physical games; some kids will prefer a sit-down game; some will want a little of both. Don’t be afraid to repeat an activity that goes well or to scrap one that is flopping.

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

Clearly it’s not a back-to-school bash if you don’t provide plenty of snacks and drinks. Don’t put everything out all at once, though. Periodically introduce a new food to keep the kids coming back to the table. Also make sure to keep the Coca-Cola products flowing. Get plenty of 2-liters in every flavor. Don’t forget the cups and ice!

Enjoy Your New School Year

All of here at Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company hope you have a great school year!