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7 Tips for the Best Thanksgiving Gathering

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the big turkey day can be a little overwhelming. While we like to pause on at least one day to be thankful for all that is good in our lives, often that one day is hectic and stressful, making us feel anything but thankful. A busy house full of family and friends can be great, especially if you follow these Seven Tips for the Best Thanksgiving Gathering.

Start Planning Now

If you haven’t already started thinking about how Thanksgiving Day is going to happen, you’re already behind! Make your plans well ahead of time to avoid undue stress on the big day. Make a list of all the dishes you’re going to cook. What equipment will you need? What ingredients aren’t in your cabinet anymore? Remember that the turkey will need to thaw for several days before it goes into the oven or fryer.

Know Everyone’s Traditions and Favorites

How do you do Thanksgiving? Does everyone on the guest list expect the same traditions? While you certainly can’t accommodate every single tradition of everyone in attendance, you can be sensitive to what’s really important. Some people actually prefer cranberry sauce from a can to homemade. Is anyone absolutely set on ice cream with their apple pie? Knowing this stuff ahead of time can avoid some hurt feelings later. Now is also a good time to find out about food allergies.

Plan Seating Arrangements

Where is everyone going to sit this Thanksgiving? Do you have enough tables and chairs? Who can bring a folding table and a few seats? Also consider serving spaces. Countertops and tables can fill up with serving dishes before anyone has had a chance to load up a plate. Map out your flat surfaces now to avoid confusion and messes later.

Keep the Kids Occupied

Family gatherings usually include some kids. Have you thought about what they are going to do while the food is being prepared? You can’t count on pleasant weather outside, even in Rock Hill. Drag out the board games or set up an easy craft project to keep the kids from underfoot in the kitchen. The older ones can engage with the younger for a tighter family experience. Everyone wins!

Be Ready for the Leftovers

What to do with all the leftover food? No need to scramble during the clean up if you’ll gather your leftover containers ahead of time. When the meal is over and everyone is loosening their belts, you’ll be able to toss everything into the containers quickly and easily so that you can get spend some time with family and friends. Be sure to clear space in the refrigerator before hand!

Serve Plenty of Coca-Cola Products

Before, during, and after the meal, have Coca-Cola products at the ready. If you’ve paid attention to everyone’s favorites, you’ll ice down a wide variety. With all of the inevitable over-eating that will happen on Thanksgiving, serving some Coke Zero would be a good idea to offset all the Turkey Day calories!

Slow Down and Be Thankful

After the preparations, after the hectic meal, after the clean up…slow down and be thankful. Pause for just a minute and be thankful for all that is good in your life.


Happy Thanksgiving from Rock Hill Coke!