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Cookout Season setup

Kickoff the Cookout Season

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and that means the kickoff to the cookout season. The race is on to see who can throw the best backyard bash. Follow these tips to host the event that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Plan Ahead

There’s nothing worse than cranking up the propane grill only to discover that you’re out of fuel. Double check the tank well in advance of your shindig, or keep an extra tank on hand to swap out if the need arises.

Do you have enough plates, cups, and utensils? Condiments? Know who is bringing what if your cookout is a potluck. Are all the dishes covered, from before meal snacks to side dishes to desserts?

What’s your seating situation? Do you have enough chairs, or do your guests need to bring their own? Nobody wants to stand the whole time, especially with a full plate!

Cool It

Sure, summer brings the heat, but that doesn’t mean cookout season applies to your guests, as well. Provide plenty of shade. Trees are ideal, but if your backyard is bare, invest in some umbrellas, canopies, or sunshades.

Cool mists can alleviate the heat, too. Several products are designed to connect directly to a hose. They’ll send out a fine spray that, coupled with a fan, will cool your visitors right down.

Hand held fans are a great option. Everyone can take home a souvenir from your bash, too.

Make the Kids Happy

If the kiddos are happily occupied, the adults will have a better time as well. Provide a sprinkler to play in, bubbles to blow, or backyard games to play. Set up several stations so that the children can rove from spot to spot.

Put together a photo scavenger hunt around your yard. With cameras in everyone’s phones, your hunt items can be delivered with a picture.

Keep the Coke Flowing

Of course the best way to guarantee a successful cookout season is to have plenty of Coca-Cola products on hand. Nothing goes better with summer than an ice-cold Coke…or Sprite…or Fanta…or Diet Coke. Stock your coolers with a wide variety to please everyone’s tastes.

Happy Memorial Day

The Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company wishes you a safe and fun Memorial Day. May your summer be filled with fun!