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Beat the Winter Blues the Easy Way

By this point in the winter, many folks in the Rock Hill area have had more than enough of cold, grey days, thank you very much. The winter blues start to set in. People begin to feel an overwhelming sense of blah. We here at the Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company want everyone to feel a little bit better until we can make it to spring. Here are 7 tips to beat the winter blues.

Capitalize on Bright Days

You might not be able to take a long picnic trip around the region, but you should get yourself outside for a while on any bright, sunny day. Simply being in the light will help immensely!

Exercise when You Can

Probably the best thing to do on those sunny days is take a short walk around the block. Bundle up as much as you need to and get your body moving for a bit. A quick walk in the brisk bright can be invigorating enough to get you through the next overcast day.

Even if you can’t get outside, try to get the blood flowing as often as you can. Walk up and down the stairs; run in place; get off the couch and stretch everything out.

Play that Funky Music

While you’re exercising, either inside or out, play some uplifting music. Whether it’s classical, jazz, pop, hip-hop, or indie rock, a little upbeat music goes a long way to lift your spirits.

Host a Party

You don’t need a real reason to gather all the other blah-feelers together. Be needlessly festive. A costume party in February? Absurd…and that’s just the point. Being a little wacky will get your mind off of winter and on to brighter thoughts. Be sure to play your upbeat playlist and have plenty of Coca-Cola products around.

No Small Screens

When you’re hosting your party, insist on no phones or other devices that will distract and absorb your guests. Unplug for a while and enjoy the company.

In fact, unplug as often as you are able. Engage in more hands-on activities instead of crawling into a tiny screen.

Big Screens are OK

Not all screen time will contribute to the winter blues. A marathon session of funny movies and shows will shift your mindset. The more we laugh, the more we will laugh. Pick out a few of your favorites and a couple of never-seen-its and spend the day giggling yourself silly.


A super-simple solution to the dark, grey days of winter: lights. When you can, turn on the bright lights in your workplace and home. It’s not quite the same as actual light therapy, but every little bit of brightness can help.