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Happy Labor Day

Have a Coke this Labor Day

As summer winds down, with kids back in school and August coming to a close, we look now with much excitement to the first Monday in September: Labor Day. For some Labor Day is the last hurrah of the warm weather months, a closing ceremony for summer. For others, it’s the opening salvo for the great autumn-to-winter holiday season. Labor Day allows us a break before Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and the always-busy Christmas-time celebrations.

Why Labor Day?

Let’s not forget, though, that Labor Day was originally designed as a way to mark the accomplishments of the hard-working people of our country. However you choose to spend your Labor Day, remember that millions of people work every day to make the nation run.

Labor and Coca-Cola

The history of the Coca-Cola Company and the history of Labor Day are closely related. Both have been around for roughly the same amount of time. And of course Coca-Cola has always been the source of “the pause that refreshes.”

Rock Hill Coke and Hard Workers

From the earliest days of the Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company, the connection between hard workers and Coke has been clear. Before entering the world of Coca-Cola, when William Mark Mauldin was working as a bookkeeper for Pacolet Mills in New Holland, Georgia, he noticed that one of the highlights of the day for the laborers was when the horse-drawn cart filled with cold Coca-Colas would drive by. Mauldin could clearly see that Coke and labor went hand-in-hand. You can read more about that story here.

Celebrating Labor Day

Labor Day could be filled with the hustle and bustle of any other national day off, but most folks choose to spend the day unwinding with family and friends. The vast majority of people who get to enjoy Labor Day do so with a backyard cookout. And what cookout would be complete without a wide selection of Coca-Cola products filling the ice-cold coolers? The food, too, can be inspired by Coca-Cola. Whip up a batch of Orange Fanta hot wings for a spicy-sweet appetizer. What better side dish than Barq’s Root Beer Baked Beans? Be sure to freeze a batch of All-American Coke Float Frozen Treats to keep everyone cool through the day. Most of all, just enjoy your Labor Day!