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Five Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Coca-Cola: perfect for Christmas spirit.
Coca-Cola: perfect for Christmas spirit.

December is in full swing and with it one of the busiest times of year for a lot of folks. There’s plenty going on for everyone in and around Rock Hill, with people hustling and bustling and trying to get a thousand things all done at the same time. With all the activity that typically surrounds this season, we can often find ourselves lost in the shuffle of it all. Just when we need to get into the Christmas spirit, we can’t quite find it! If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and need some Christmas cheer, try these five things.

Watch a Christmas Movie

At any given time of the day, you’re bound to find some kind of holiday film showing somewhere. Everyone who sees Ebenezer Scrooge’s amazing transformation is sure to keep Christmas in his heart. How can you sit through Will Ferrell’s silliness in Elf and not feel like a kid again? Or maybe watching Ralphie long for a Red Ryder air rifle will help you think of the perfect gift for someone on your list.

Listen to Some Christmas Music

Load up your iPod with a few hours worth of holiday tunes. Keep those tunes going all day long, whether you’re working, driving, or wrapping presents. Mix up your playlist: get some tried and true standards up next to some modern renditions. Can you choose a perfect version of “O Holy Night” or “Joy to the World” or “Winter Wonderland”?

Wear a Santa Hat

It might not be magic in the same way that worked so well for Frosty, but there’s something about donning a red and white fur hat that makes anyone feel a little more Santa-like. Bonus: your head will stay warm as you dash from shop to shop.

Drive around and Look at Lights

Even if you’re not quite in the Christmas spirit yet, many households in the Rock Hill area are. Cruise around the neighborhoods looking for the homes festooned with twinkling lights. Make a game of it, ranking the houses by category: Most Lights, Best Theme, Most Christmas Spirit.

Enjoy an Ice Cold Coke

Sometimes you just need to sit back and have a Coke. Take a few minutes for yourself, sip on a cold Coca-Cola, and rejuvenate. In no time at all you’ll be bursting with Christmas cheer and ready to take on all that the holidays have to offer!