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Get Ready for Back to School 2021

How can summer nearly be over? Seems like we were dragging out the grill and pool supplies just yesterday. Alas, summer ends every year and Rock Hill kids head back to school at the end of every summer. Let’s get those kids ready for the best back to school ever!

Gear Up Early

Don’t wait until school starts to get the supplies that you know they’re going to need. Even if you can’t put your hands on an official school supply list, you can pretty well guess all the standard equipment. 

Families in the Rock Hill area will want to take advantage of South Carolina’s Tax-Free Weekend. This year it runs from August 6th through August 8th.

Sort the Closet

In addition to the school supplies, the tax-free weekend also applies to clothes. Be sure to sort the closet before you head out to buy new outfits and shoes. Eliminate anything that the kids have outgrown. Look at clothing from all seasons. Make note of any gaps. Maybe your kid sprouted a foot since the last time you bought pants. The whole array will need to be replaced, right?

Re-Evaluate Work Space

The pandemic introduced a lot of changes to the way schoolwork has happened over the past year and half. Look again at the workspace changes necessitated by distance learning. What worked? What didn’t? What changes should you make permanent? What adjustments will be most suitable for your little learners?

Start the Routine Now

To give the kids’ bodies time to adjust to the new school year routine, start moving toward that routine sooner rather than later. No more sleeping until noon, buddy! If you begin with minor changes a week out or so, they’ll be ready for the new routine without a jolt.

Assess State of Mind

Pop open a couple of Cokes and sit down for a chat. This new school year will still be fraught with uncertainties. How do your kids feel about that? Try to get a sense of the big qualms so that you can talk them through the worries and concerns. Just getting the concept out there often helps to alleviate it.