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How to Host a Virtual Party

From the begi, Coca-Cola has always been associated with friends and fun. What gathering would be complete without an ample supply of Coca-Cola products on hand? But with social distancing and quarantines becoming the new normal for the foreseeable future, what is a body to do to recapture some of those magical moments when we’re sharing a Coke with a friend? Simple: host a virtual party! Follow these tips to become the go-to online gathering spot.

Remember the Essentials

At their heart, online gatherings are not that different than face-to-face parties. People want to socialize and they want to do something fun. So first and foremost, treat your online party just like you would any other. The biggest difference is that you might need to do a little more coordinating ahead of time.

Pick a Theme

Since you won’t really be able to decorate, you’ll need to rely on your party-goers to bring the theme alive. Many groups are basing their themes around whichever show they’ve been binge watching. Ask everyone to come in character from whatever they can cobble together from around the house. Line up some awards ahead of time, like Most Accurate, Most Creative, or At Least You Tried.

Pick a Location

Sure, you will all be in a virtual space, but you still need to pick the app. Two of the most popular are Zoom and Houseparty. Given that many companies and schools are using Zoom to carry on business, that platform might feel a little too much like an office party than a gathering of friends. Houseparty is less formal and will definitely be a best option for a younger crowd. Houseparty also comes with its own party games.

Pick Some Games

You can use the built-in party games with Houseparty, or you can choose from a wide variety of apps that allow for group game play. To avoid the lag time and long waits for downloads, have your virtual guests get the game apps ahead of time.

Pick the Food and Drink

At a virtual party, everyone must bring their own everything. To reinforce the sense of togetherness, coordinate the menu ahead of time. Obviously everyone will have Coke, but what else? Give everyone attending a heads up well in advance of the gathering so that the whole on-line crowd can be munching on chips and guacamole at the same time.

Be There

The Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company will be here for you during these strange new times. Be sure to be there for each other! Have fun!