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Planning the Perfect Summer Picnic

Summer is in full swing, and the 4th of July will be rocketing into view shortly. That means picnic season has come to Rock Hill! Whether you’re planning a day at the lake, near the river, in the forest, or just over at Cherry Park, you know that you want each and every picnic to the best you’ve ever assembled. For a seemingly simple outing, a picnic can actually be quite complicated. Follow these tips to create reliably satisfying picnic experiences.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Sure, everyone wants a picnic to feel like a spontaneous event, but careful planning on your part ahead of time will avoid forgotten items and unforeseen mishaps. Make a list that you keep with your picnic supplies (more on that later). Check the weather. Know how to get to your picnic spot. Have a back-up plan.

Know What You Need

Securing the right equipment before you head out is crucial. Making another run to the store or back home to get an item can scuttle the whole affair. Do you need a portable grill? Charcoal or propane? Serving dishes? Plates and bowls? Napkins? Utensils? Trash bags? Cups? As you’re gathering your items, mentally walk through the entire picnic from start to finish, noting everything you’ll need along the way.

Cover Your Bases

Even if you’re not baseball-minded, you need to think about covering your bases. In the case of a picnic, though, consider covering your table. Invest in a suitable outdoor table-covering/picnic-blanket. Tables are often quite dirty, so you’ll want something between your plates and the table top. The same applies to the ground. Being able to spread out on the grass can make the whole day!

Consider the Heat

Summer in Rock Hill is going to be hot. There’s no getting around it. So what can you do to beat that heat? One way is to serve food suitable for hot weather. Avoid lots of heavy hot dishes. Go for light fruits and veggies, cold sandwiches, and simple chips. Don’t forget to stock your cooler (Remember when you carefully gathered your equipment? You brought a cooler filled with ice, right?). Of course the best options are always a wide selection of ice-cold Coca-Cola products. Know what your picnic guests will drink and bring lots.

Lotions and Sprays

It’s easy to get so focused on the food and drink parts of the picnic that you forget things like bug spray, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer. These items will insure that everyone enjoys a healthy, insect-free, sunburn-less day at your picnic.