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Pump Up the Christmas Spirit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s what the song says, anyway. Some years the Christmas spirit can be a little hard to come by. We get busy or tired or distracted by circumstances at home an abroad. If you’re having a hard time getting into the holiday mood, follow these tips to pump up the Christmas spirit.

All Christmas Music, All of the Time

Sure, some stores started playing Christmas tunes as they cleared the shelves of Halloween gear. That doesn’t mean that you can’t play your own selections for the entire month of December. Seems like everyone has released a Christmas album lately. Take a look around the downloadable music stores. You’d be surprised. You’ll find loads of music for every taste. 

With streaming services available more or less everywhere now, you literally have the world of Christmas music at your fingertips. Wake up in the morning and vibe to Mele Kalikimaka all day long if you want to. What Grinch would stop you?

Don the Apparel

The quickest way to really get in the mood is to dress the part. Don’t limit yourself to an ugly Christmas sweater party. You can get a dozen pairs of Christmas-themed socks for a few bucks. Button-up shirts with a wrapping paper pattern will make you feel like a present to yourself. Christmas pants…ok, that might be a little much for everyday wear. 

Remember: you need not dress up like Buddy the Elf to spread a little Christmas cheer. Although a Santa hat might be a nice touch.

Find the Lights

With the increasingly affordable options for elaborate LED lights and over-sized inflatables, plenty of people have started going all out with outdoor decorations. Some neighborhoods have coordinated their efforts to amplify the effect. Grab a few Cokes, hop in the car, and drive around looking for the streets with the best displays. Don’t forget the tunes!

Plan for Festive Meals, Snacks, and Treats

The smells and tastes of Christmas are often the quickest way to tap into the seasonal feel. Be sure to plan at least one Christmas-time goodie every day. Every mealtime can’t be the elaborate feast from a Norman Rockwell painting, but a well-timed whiff of mulled cider might be all you need to find the Christmas spirit. Search the internet for holiday-themed foods, then make a schedule for the month. You can find some great cranberry-based drinks made with Coca-Cola products here.