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A Brief History of Sprite

We’ve paid a lot of attention to Coca-Cola here, providing plenty of details about the history of both the company and the brand. But the Coca-Cola Company is about a lot more than Coke. This month we’re going to take a brief look at the history of another product: Sprite.

German Origins

Sprite was originally developed in West Germany in 1959. The drink started life as part of the Fanta line with the name Clear Lemon Fanta. Two years later the drink would be introduced to the U.S. market with its new name: Sprite.

Sprite Boy Reappears

The name “Sprite” had been around at the Coca-Cola Company for many years. During the 1940s, Sprite Boy made regular appearances in Coke marketing. The white-haired elfin figure was dropped from advertising in 1958. When the drink Sprite came to the U.S., the name Sprite was reintroduced and has become one of the most recognizable brand names in the world.

Quickly Popular

After its introduction in 1961, Sprite rapidly gained popularity. By 1967, it was available in 39 countries. The drink’s following was heavily oriented toward the youth market.

Green and Dimpled

Since Sprite’s introduction, the packaging and marketing have always heavily focused on the color green. Now the association is firmly fixed. 

Like Coca-Cola’s iconic bottle shape, Sprite has consistently featured its own particular bottle detail: dimples. The dimpled bottle has been around for most of Sprite’s history. The dimples represent the bubbles in the carbonated drink.

The Hip-Hop Connection

In the late 1980s, the youth-oriented drink began its close association with the worlds of hip-hop and basketball. The advertising campaigns featured urban-oriented artists like LL Cool J and Missy Elliott. That associated continues today, with NBA stars like LeBron James appearing in ads.

World Wide Sprite Favorites

Sprite is now available in over 190 countries around the world. In addition to the perennial favorite lemon-lime flavor (often referred to as “lymon”), Sprite fans can enjoy over 17 different versions of the drink. These options include Sprite Zero, Sprite Cherry, Sprite 6 Mix, Sprite Ice, and around the holidays, Sprite Cranberry.

More Product Favorites

Come back again for another exploration of the history of your favorite Coca-Cola Company products.