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Coca-Cola Clothing Ruled the 80s

Look around the streets and campuses around Rock Hill and you’re likely to notice more Coca-Cola clothing than we’ve seen in a while. It looks like shirts emblazoned with the iconic Coca-Cola script are making a comeback, which has stoked the nostalgia at the Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

Remember in the 1980s when everybody who was anybody sported a Coca-Cola rugby shirt? This month we take a look back at the now-vintage clothing trend that helped to make the ’80s as radical as they were.

Murijani and Hilfiger

The story is ultimately a short one. Starting in 1985, Coca-Cola produced a line of clothing with the Murijani Corporation. This company had created the Gloria Vanderbilt jean craze of the 1970s, so they knew what it takes to create a cultural craze. Murijani tapped up-and-coming designer Tommy Hilfiger to design the line, just before Hilfiger hit it big with his own brand.

Simple Design, Bold Colors

As with many trends popular in the 1980s, the Coca-Cola look relied on big blocks of bright colors. Many of the designs stuck with the Coca-Cola red and white, but bright oranges, yellows, and blues were also available for the more colorful characters.

All Crazes Come to an End

Although Coca-Cola apparel was nearly everywhere for a couple of years, any trend that burned as hot as the Coke clothing trend will eventually burn itself out. By the end of the decade, buyers had mostly moved on to other looks and other fashions. But we still have our memories.

Ah, Nostalgia

If you’re willing to shell out a couple of hundred dollars, you can still find some vintage shirts online. Maybe you even have one lurking in the deep recesses of your closet. Drag it out! The fashion has come back around. Strap on your Swatch watches (at least three, of course), lace up your Reeboks, peg the bottoms of your acid-washed jeans, don your Ray Bans (and do your best Max Headroom impersonation…remember Max Headroom?), and turn on The Goonies while you solve your Rubik’s Cube. And wear your Coca-Cola rugby shirt, of course. The 1980s live on!