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Coca-Cola Gets Its Name and Its Look

Coca-Cola’s Name

Frank Robinson had moved to Atlanta in hopes of starting an advertising business. He invested in Pemberton Chemical Company Incorporated. Although his position in the company was as the bookkeeper, Robinson recognized the possibility of a successful financial future for Pemberton’s drink. He felt the success would be based on proper advertising. Robinson won a name the drink contest sponsored by Pemberton. He combined the names of the main ingredients, the coca leaf and changed the “k” to a “c” for the cola (kola) nut. The name sounded perfect, Coca-Cola.

Iconic Logo

The next task was to create a distinct and recognizable logo, one that would stand out and be pleasing to the eye. Robinson used the fluid Spencerian script to write the name Coca-Cola. The logo became one of the most widely recognized consumer product symbols in the world.

Good Reviews

Multiple sources report that the first newspaper advertisement was on May 29, 1886 in the Atlanta Journal Newspaper’s Patent medicine page: “Coca-Cola, Delicious! Refreshing! Exhilarating! Invigorating! The new and popular soda fountain drink contains the properties of the wonderful Coca Plant and the famous Cola Nuts. It is for sale by Willis Venable and Nunally and Rawson.”

Because of ill health, Pemberton sold his stake in the business to Margaret Dozier and Woolfolk Walker. Pemberton died on August 16, 1888. Eventually, Atlanta businessman Asa Candler purchased the company for $2300. Candler was able to purchase all of the shares of the company and incorporate the first Coca-Cola Corporation, the forerunner of The Coca-Cola Company.