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Rock Hill Coca-Cola Historical Documents, 2

Part 2

Our look back at important documents during the early days of Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company continues with these letters, ledgers, and bills of sale. A lot of paperwork has passed across the desks of Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company over the years. This sampling of documents shows the early progression of the company as it changed hands and further defined territory.

Letter from Luther Snyder

This letter from Luther Snyder to other Charlotte Coca-Cola Company stockholders declares his intent to begin operations in Rock Hill, S.C. He mentions “some trouble getting a suitable building in Rock Hill,” but wants “to be able to do business by April 1st.”

Letter from Luther Snyder

Coca-Cola Company Ledger

This copy of an actual Coca-Cola Company ledger indicates the number of gallons of syrup purchased by various Coca-Cola bottling plants in South Carolina for the years of 1903-06. Totals jumped from 13,623 in 1903 to 51,981 in 1906.

Coca-Cola Ledger

Letter to Charles Rainwater

This letter from William Mark Mauldin to Charles Rainwater concerns the purchase of Rock Hill Coca-Cola.

Mark Mauldin letter to Charles Rainwater

Letter from Luther Snyder

In this letter to Miss Helen Conkey, Luther Snyder recommends the sale of Rock Hill Coca-Cola to “a Mr. Mauldin of Gainesville, Ga.” who is “very anxious to get into the business.” Mr. Snyder felt that $4500 was a fair price.

Letter from Luther Snyder to Miss Helen Conkey

Letter from Charles Rainwater

Charles Rainwater wrote to William Mark Mauldin concerning the sale of Rock Hill Coca-Cola, informing him that the final stockholder had agreed to the sale.

Letter from Rainwater to WM Mauldin

Bill of Sale, 1908

This Bill of Sale dated November 24, 1908 describes the sale of Rock Hill territory to William Mark Mauldin. Luther Snyder, who later was President of Charlotte Coca-Cola, signed as Secretary and Treasurer of Charlotte Coca-Cola Company. Much of the language echoes the initial contract with Luther Snyder.

1908 Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale, 1910

Bill of Sale between William Mark Mauldin and J.W. Allen, selling Mr. Allen the Blacksburg, S.C. territory for $325.00 in 1910. The territory included the communities of Blacksburg, Ramah, Zadac, Bethel, Clarks Ford, Mercer, and Kings Creek.

1910 Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale, 1913

Bill of Sale between Mark Mauldin and H.D and J.K. Crosswell, selling the Crosswells the areas of Springdale and Riverside for $100.00 in 1913.

1913 Bill of Sale