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Rock Hill Coke: The Employees

A Long History of Loyal Employees

During its hundred-year history many wonderful and unique individuals served as loyal employees of the Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company. It was not unusual to have employees serving faithfully for over 40 years. The first employee was Red Kimbrell. Red served as a delivery boy and had numerous other responsibilities until his death. Pat Strait was another long-term employee who started out as a delivery man and concluded his forty plus years of employment as the production manager and supervisor of the bottling room. Other employees who enjoyed the family atmosphere of the company were Bill Huey, Mendel Truesdale, Bob Franklin, Harvey Lee “Shorty” Hoyles, Ford Moore, Sam Russell and Leon Smith who retired as a driver at the age of 62. The individuals contributed to the warm atmosphere of the company.

Employees Are Like Family

Ann Bruce Mauldin Faircloth recalls her father and mother provided assistance to their employees whenever it was needed. Her father often took employees to the doctor and paid for the treatment. Employees were always treated to seasonal celebrations such as their Christmas parties at the Rock Hill Country Club. All of the employees looked forward to the wonderful dinner and dance.

Lib Carter Varnadore shared how fortunate she felt when she was hired right out of high school to work for the company. Working for such a wonderful company that provided the feel of family was the perfect place for a young woman beginning her career. She encouraged her mother to also apply for a position that came open in the bottling room. Mattie Carter was hired and was employed for nearly ten years. Her other daughter, Doris Emsermann, proudly wears Mattie’s five-year service pin as a charm on her bracelet. Lib says she always felt that The Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company was her family. It was a great place to go each day! 

A Feeling of Appreciation

The Mauldins made you feel like you were appreciated and needed to make the company successful. In the summer and fall they would host informal picnics and barbecues at Joslin Park and once again the employees would enjoy a delicious meal and dancing. Other dinner dances were held at the Andrew Jackson Hotel Ballroom. Lib recalls fellow employees Sam Russell, Russell Rector, Jim Hudgins, Jerry Varnadore, Wylie Morris, Bob Franklin, Ford Moore and Grady Ervin and their spouses all enjoyed spending time together at these special events hosted by the Mauldins.