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Coke bottle whirling diversion

Coke Bottle Whirling Diversion

With weather in Rock Hill warming up for good this year (we hope!), many people have started looking for any reason to be outside. Spring flowers do a great job decorating the yards, but what to do between the first blooms of the season and the lush growth of summer? Focus your attention on a Coke Bottle Whirling Diversion. These delightful spinning creations make a quirky addition to any fun landscape.

What You’ll Need

  • 2 liter bottle (any Coke product will do)
  • sharp craft knife
  • marker
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • rubbing alcohol
  • paper towel
  • stiff paper
  • drill with small bit
  • string

To Make the Coke Bottle Whirling Diversion

Clean the Bottle

Following the directions here, clean the empty plastic bottle. Allow to dry completely.

Make a Pattern

While the bottle is drying, make your pattern for the “fins.” Any shape will do, but one that is 1 ¾ inches wide will give you plenty of room for five fins around the bottle. 

Draw the pattern on the stiff paper, then cut it out using the craft knife (or scissors).

Mark the Bottle

Using the five “feet” at the bottom of the bottle as a guide for even placement, trace the pattern shape five times around the middle of the bottle with the marker.

Cut the Fins

A sharp craft knife blade is essential for this step. Dull blades need too much force, leading to cuts that go awry. Be very careful with your blade!

Cut out the flap shapes of the fins. Make sure to leave one full side attached. 

Bend the Fins

After cutting the fin shape, carefully bend the fin outward. Slightly crease the fold so that the fin sticks out from the middle of the bottle. Each fin should stand about the same height.

Clean the Marks

Using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol, clean off the marker you used for the cuts. Be careful around the cut edges! They can be sharp, too.

Paint the Whirling Diversion

Decorate the Whirling Diversion with any shapes or images that catch your fancy. The more fun the better. Let the paint dry completely before hanging the Whirling Diversion.

String It Up

Using a drill with a small bit, make a small hole in the top of the plastic bottle cap. Try to smooth the edges of the hole.

Run the two ends of the string through the hole in the cap. Tie with a knot larger than the hole.

Hang the Whirling Diversion from a branch or pole that will allow it to spin freely.

Check back next month for another Coke bottle project.