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How to Host the Summer’s Best Cookout

Now that life seems to be getting back to something like normal, folks are looking for ways to gather once again. Hosting a backyard cookout is one of the best ways to get your friends and family together in a relatively safe way. Follow these tips for hosting the summer’s best cookout.

Feed Them Well

The strongest bonds of community are formed around eating. Be sure to have plenty of food available at your cookout. Consider the main item carefully: Will you serve bbq? burgers? chicken? Will you need a vegetable option? Your choice of main item will also direct your choice of side items. Also remember to supply plenty of snack items before and after the main dish.

Ice Cold Drinks

Backyard cookouts can get hot, and not just for the guy manning the grill. Make sure that your guests have access to a wide variety of Coca-Cola products. Keep them cold by filling a cooler. You can also use a large tub. If you’re planning on a lot of guests and/or a long cookout, you might consider a mini-pool full of drink options. For a fun and long-lasting ice option, try freezing colorful water balloons and filling the tub with them. 

Also think about the servings. Will you provide individual cans and bottles, or will you go with 2-liters? Don’t forget cups and a separate container of ice for those cups.

Sun and Bugs

Keep a bottle or two of sunscreen available for your guests. Sunburns don’t take long in a Rock Hill summer. Remind your guests to apply some sunscreen so that the next day they aren’t miserable with a burn.

The same goes for bug spray. No one wants to deal with ticks, mosquitos, and no-see-ums. A little insect repellent goes a long way. Try a permethrin-based product on chairs, cushions, and hammocks to stop the creepy-crawlies before they can get to the sitters.

Music Etiquette 

Music will always liven up a backyard cookout, but remember to be courteous. Find the right volume balance between loud enough for your guests but not so loud to annoy your neighbors. You could place several small speakers around the yard rather than blasting the whole neighborhood.

Keep ‘Em Busy

Cookouts are about more than simply eating food that has been cooked outdoors. The experience should also be shared activity. Set up some games like corn hole, horseshoes, croquet, or giant dice. Your guests can play before, during, and after the meal.