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Anne Springs Close Greenway

Picnic Trip: Anne Springs Close Greenway

Just a little more than 20 minutes from the middle of Rock Hill, the Anne Springs Close Greenway is the perfect spot for an autumn picnic trip. Milder temperatures on the way in October mean getting outside with a cooler filled with sandwiches and Coca-Cola products will be better than ever. Be aware: non-members can visit the Anne Springs Close Greenway from Monday through Friday; weekend visits are limited to members. The good news? Memberships are pretty cheap and will pay for themselves with just a few trips.

How to Get to the Anne Springs Close Greenway

To avoid the interstate (a picnic trip via the interstate just doesn’t feel right), simply take US-21 north out of Rock Hill. Turn right onto SC-460/Springfield Pkwy and you’re there. Easy.

What to Do Once You’re There

With 2,100 acres to explore, you won’t be lacking for opportunities to explore during this  month’s picnic trip. The biggest attraction is obviously the abundant preserved nature. You can access all of that nature via the many trails in the 40 mile network. You can hike, bike, kayak, and ride horses.


The hiking trails at the Anne Springs Close Greenway are divided into two categories: Nature and Historical.

Nature Trails

The Lake Haigler Loop is a 1.25 mile self-guided tour. Follow along with the 12 points of interest along the trail.

The Blue Star Trail will take you 7 miles through the heart of the area.

The Prairie Loop Trail suits both hikers and bikers. The trail runs for 3.1 miles.

Historical Trails

The Nation Ford Road will take you across a 125-foot suspension bridge. You will also pass two cabins built in 1800.

The Nation Ford Loop, a paved .75 trail, will work best for strollers and wheelchairs.

The Garrison-Webb Gristmill trail takes you to a replica of a traditional mill, one of the centerpieces of communities long ago.


A lot of the trails are dedicated solely to biking. Pay attention to conditions and don’t ride too soon after wet weather.

Horseback Riding

The Anne Springs Close Greenway offers many options for horseback riding. Learn to ride year-round.


With the last bit of warm weather, you have just enough time to rent a kayak on the weekends.