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Glendale Shoals

Picnic Trip: Glendale Shoals

This month’s Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company Picnic Trip takes us west of Rock Hill to the Spartanburg’s Glendale Shoals Preserve

Directions to Glendale Shoals Preserve

The trip to Glendale Shoals Preserve will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on your route. From Rock Hill you can go a northern route through York, Hickory Grove, and Pacolet (this route is a little longer). The southern route is slightly faster, taking you through McConnells and Jonesville. Either way you go, the time is jus right for a picnic trip.

View the Waterfall

Most visitors to the Glendale Shoals Preserve go to see the waterfall. Unlike many trips into the mountains to see a waterfall, this one does not include a hike. You can drive right up to the waterfall without any fuss or walking blisters.

Cross the Mill Bridge

You can’t miss the bright red mill bridge that spans the falls. As you explore the area, you will want to cross the mill bridge to see the waterfall from a completely different angle.

Note the Cotton Mill Ruins

The mill bridge leads to the mill, of course. The ruins show what is left of an 1830s cotton mill. The structure had been long since abandoned when it burned down in 2004.

Explore the Shoals

If the water is right, you can explore the shoals themselves. In low water you can easily wade out, but mind the potentially slippery rocks. With low enough water levels, the rocks are completely exposed. Whatever water is there in late July and early August will surely refresh you after a stroll around the preserve.

More Acres to See

The 13-acre park opened to the public in 2018. All of that land features a one-mile loop trail. It follows the creek for about half of its length, then veers off past several point of historic interest.

Pick a Picnic Spot

Grab the food basket and the cooler filled with Coca-Cola products and choose one of the many picnic tables available at the preserve. You could also spread a blanket on the flat ground around the amphitheater.

Until Next Time

Join us next month for another Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company Picnic Trip.