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Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site

Picnic Trip: Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site

As warm weather winds down in November, we think there’s still time for one more Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company picnic trip in 2021. This month’s excursion takes us just a little over an hour away from Rock Hill to the Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site. This 44 acre site features 5 historic buildings and historic landscaped grounds.

How to Get There

Take Cherry Road (aka SC-322) west out of town. Follow SC-322 through McConnells. When you reach SC-49, turn left to head south. In Union, pick up State Road S-44-16 to the picnic trip site.

The Picnic

You’ll be able to enjoy your food and Coca-Cola products at the picnic shelter, unless it has been reserved. Other wise, access is on a first come basis.

What to Do


House Tour

The main attraction at the Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site is the house tour. This building pre-dates the Civil War and served as the centerpiece for the plantation. Tours are offered several times a day. From November to February, house tours are offered only Thursday through Monday, perfect for a weekend picnic trip. March through October, tours are offered every day.

The Grounds

You can also walk the grounds. There you will see large potions of the garden as it was in the 1800s. Several impressive trees have towered over the site for more than 200 years. Other structures include a brick kitchen and the caretaker’s house.

Hiking Trails

The Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site offers two hiking trails. The Nature Loop Trail is an easy half-mile unpaved trail that will take you past some interesting trees. The Tiger River Spur Trail is another easy half-mile trail that runs along the river.

Next Time

The Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company will take a break from picnic trips for a few months of cold weather. We’ll be back in March with even more fun excursions from Rock Hill. Until then, grab a Coke and enjoy the countdown to the holidays.