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Air Fryer Cakes: Just Add Sprite

This month’s Air Fryer Cake recipe from Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company is the easiest one yet. You’ll need 3 important things: cake mix, Sprite, and an air fryer. With only 3 steps, you’ll be enjoying these delicious little personal cakes in no time at all. Add some simple icing and some fresh fruit and you’ll have people thinking you’ve gone gourmet.

Air Fryer Ease

Using an air fryer instead of a standard oven for these cakes will save you time and money. Preheating an air fryer takes almost no time at all. Since you’re heating a much smaller space, the energy needed to bring the fryer to heat is much less, keeping your power bill lower.

Air Fryer Challenge

One of the tricky parts about baking with an air fryer is variability. Each model of air fryer will bake a little bit differently, so you’ll want to get to know your fryer and exactly the temperature and times you need to use. Experimenting with this low-cost recipe should be the perfect way to figure it out.

The other tricky part is how the fryer cooks. A full size cake will likely get too crispy on the top and still be soggy in the middle. Using mini-Bundt cake pans solves the problem…and gives you a nice spot to put the fruit.


  • 1 box cake mix (any yellow or white flavor)
  • 12 oz can of Sprite

Optional Ingredients

  • whipped topping
  • icing
  • fresh fruit


  • air fryer
  • mini-Bundt cake pans
  • mixing bowl
  • spoon/spatula


Combine cake mix and Sprite in a large mixing bowl with the spoon/spatula. The mixture will foam, but don’t worry. The bubbles will subside as you mix. Don’t over-stir. Stir just until no cake mix is dry.

Pre-heat the air fryer to 325º F.

As the air fryer heats up, pour the cake batter into the mini-Bundt cake pans. Fill only about ⅔ full. If you fill them completely, the cakes will overflow as they rise.

Bake in the air fryer according to the cake mix instructions. Start with the lowest time. If that length leaves you with over-baked cakes, reduce the time for the next batch.