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grinch punch

Get Festive with Grinch Punch

We might need to avoid large gatherings this holiday season, but a little Grinch Punch can still put us all in a festive mood. Easily scaled for a large family or a more intimate couple, this recipe is super-simple and fun to make. And instead of feeling a little Grinch-pinched, you’ll feel your heart grow three sizes when you drink this Grinch Punch.

Go Green

If you’re going to have a Grinch Punch, it must be green, right? The base of this drink is Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush. Lime sherbet also adds to the green, while the Sprite adds some bright fizz and the pineapple juice tones the color to a grinchy-green.

What Is Sanding Sugar, Anyway?

The addition of some bright red sanding sugar to the glass rims elevates this Grinch Punch beyond a simple green drink. Sanding sugar crystals are a little larger than regular sugar, so it sparkles more. You can find a wide variety of colors with the baking and cake decorating supplies in most grocery stores. As long as you have the sanding sugar, why not bake some festive cookies, too?

Sanding Sugar Substitute

If you can’t find any sanding sugar, you can always create some of your own. Mix regular sugar with some vanilla and food coloring to the right color.


  • ½ gallon lime sherbet
  • 1 gallon Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush
  • 2 liters Sprite
  • 12 oz pineapple juice


  • large pitcher or punchbowl
  • serving glasses
  • 2 shallow dishes wider than the rim of the glasses
  • serving ladle


Mix the Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and pineapple juice in a large pitcher or punchbowl.

Carefully add the lime sherbet, allowing it to melt. Stir periodically.

In one of the shallow dishes, pour enough of the sanding sugar to fully cover the bottom of the dish. Add cool water to the other dish.

Dip the rim of the serving glass into the water. Be careful not to dip too deeply. You want only the rim and a bit more wet.

Dip the wet rim into the sanding sugar, twirling slightly to coat the rim evenly.

When ready to serve, use a ladle to pour the Grinch Punch into the prepared glasses. For an added effect, add a fruit-flavored candy cane to the glass.