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Plan the Perfect Halloween Night 2019

Is it just us, or has Halloween night 2019 snuck up like a grisly ghoul behind us? Maybe the relatively mild weather in Rock Hill this year has tricked us into thinking that the spooky season treats were still a month away. Or maybe the fact that October in the area has been chock-full of Halloween events has made it seem like the month would go on forever. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself with Halloween night looming like a ghost on the calendar. Lucky for you, a rich back-log of tricks and treats is here at Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Check out this list of projects, snacks, and drinks just right for Halloween night 2019.

6 Tips for a Successful Halloween Night

Click here for 6 Tips for a Successful Halloween Night. Start your Halloween planning here. You’ll find out all you need to know about making the trick-or-treat evening fun for the whole family, from adults to older kids to the littlest goblins.

Make Spooky Halloween Treats with Coke Products

Click here to learn how to make The Bubbling Cauldron, Jellied Vampire Blood, and Witch’s Potion. With just a few Coke products and a little time, you can whip together a Halloween party in no time at all.

Halloween Luminaries

Click here to learn how to make Halloween luminaries out of empty 2-liter bottles. You can either make these ahead of time when you’re carving pumpkins or you can make the activity part of the Halloween night fun. Be aware that you’ll need a little time to let the glue dry. You might also end up with a mess, but certainly not a bigger one than comes from scooping pumpkin guts!

Feed the Monster Game

Click here to learn how to make a Feed the Monster game out of empty 2-liter bottles. This project is a bit less messy than the luminary project, and you end up with a party activity at the end. It’s a win/win project!

Enjoy Coca-Cola Products

Whatever you end up doing for Halloween 2019, just remember that everything’s more fun when plenty of Coca-Cola products are on hand. Happy Halloween!