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Orange Fanta hot sauce wings

Why You Should Try Cooking with Coke

Over the years the Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling company has provided you with loads of great recipes using the many products we supply to the Rock Hill area. This month we’d like to take a step back and look at the overall benefits for using Coca-Cola in recipes. Take a look at these 5 benefits of cooking with Coke, and we think you’ll agree it’s a great kitchen option.

Orange Fanta hot sauce wings
Crispy wings with Orange Fanta hot sauce.


As Coca-Cola is a sweetened soft drink, the most obvious benefit of using it in recipes is for that sweetness. Using Coke (or any of our other products in a recipe allows you to punch up the sweetness while also adding some liquid. No need to add additional sugar.


When used as a glaze or a marinade, Coca-Cola can help to create a caramelized crust on meats and vegetables. This effect comes from the sugar content that lends itself to the sweetness factor.


Coca-Cola isn’t just about the sweetness, though. The slightly acidic flavor also contributes to the recipe. Often, when a dish doesn’t taste quite right, it’s because the acid is missing. Adding Coke to the mix can help to balance out the flavor profiles. This attribute is particularly helpful in savory dishes, where Coke can add a tangy note.


Both the acidity and the carbonation in Coke can help to tenderize meats by breaking down the connective tissue. This simple process can result in a more flavorful and, importantly, a more tender dish.


Flavors and textures aside, probably the best benefit of cooking with Coke in recipes is the way it simplifies the process. Because so many qualities are wrapped up into one, you can save yourself time and trouble by using Coke. This quality can make the preparation of an evening meal super simple, freeing up your time to devote to just about anything else. Busy days get a lot easier, and you can enjoy a Coke for yourself!

Ways to Use

Some examples of dishes that can benefit from the addition of Coca-Cola include barbecue sauces marinades, and meat glazes. It can also be used in baked goods such as and brownies to add both moisture and sweetness.